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Living the Debt-Free Life

My friend’s surprise visit earlier this week was so very welcome. He only ended up staying less than a day (because of his airport delay troubles), so the visit was way too short. One day, we’ll be debt-free and can afford to pay him a visit.

That leads into an article I caught my eye this week. J.D. asked his readers “How to Live Debt-Free”.

J.D.’s been working to get his finances in order and he’s scheduled to be debt-free by Christmas. He’s curious about the transition from working to become debt-free to living debt-free. How much do you relax with your frugal ways? How many indulgences do you give in to?

As you can see from what I wrote earlier, I already equate being debt-free with having more freedom to spend money on life experiences. I’d love to be able to visit my friend out in the West and maybe even visit the ocean. Knowing me, it’d still be a very frugal trip, but it would still be an indulgence. I think there is a happy place that one should find once their debt is paid off. You want to spend money to experience life, yet still save some money to secure your financial future.

Exactly where that happy place is, I’m not sure. I have a while to think about it more before we are debt-free 😉…